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  • Full-time teacher for one of the best mixing courses online with hundreds of students graduated from the course over the last 11 years. Full-time since 2016 (after immigration to Canada). In his spare time Andrew Zeleno develops his own skills by practicing on daily basis. Check out what Andrew Zeleno does to be the best teacher for you by visiting What Andrew Zeleno Does To Be The Best Teach For You. Andrew Zeleno Mixing Course Revew (182 reviews) are at
  • 2006 - 2016 A senior audio engineer, mixer and content producer at the radio department of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. It was the biggest broadcasting company in the region regulated by State Committee for Television and Radio-broadcasting (Ukraine). In 2015 the company was reorganized in the other company.
  • Free powerful content on audio engineering and music production at ANDREW ZELENO YOUTUBE CHANNEL with 40,000+ subscribers 1.6M+ views. The channel is ranked as the 2nd best channel by Feedspot in 2019 & 2020
  • 1st class audio engineer status according to a regulated Ukrainian classification of broadcasting specialists (received in 2015)
  • In 2015 was awarded by Ukrainian Government for the contribution in the broadcasting field development
  • Made one of the title themes for World of Tanks game WORLD OF TANKS
  • Studio owner 2007-2009 for the local non-professional music market where he recorded, mixed and mastered around 1000 songs for clients, which gained him a lot of experience.
  • Involved in other work for other video games
  • Tester for SSL Duende Native plugins SOLID STATE LOGIC
  • Invented many different mixing techniques
  • As mastering engineer in Canada, worked with Juno Award winning mixer Paul Ketsnalson
  • Plugin reviews for Izotope, Sonarworks and others

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Andrew Zeleno
  • Full-time online instructor with hundreds of students graduating from his course over the last 11 years
  • Senior audio engineer, mixer, producer of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (1st class audio engineer status according to regulated classification)
  • Years of experience in audio production with a video game credit, mixing, mastering, recording, post production and plugin testing for major software company